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Starband S3

STARBAND is based on the great abrasive power of diamond bands to obtain a perfect finish in approximately 5 times less time.

Small Bionic

Repair the polish of your countertop without the risk of not matching the factory shine. High precision without effort and experience in polishing. Designed so as not to have to repeat a countertop due to a simple scratch.

Leveling Suction Cups

VACUUM cupping system in order to exercise
pressure during the bonding process. The equipment is designed and manufactured to be ULTRA RIGID.



MONOBLOCK creates worktops and fronts without cuts in all kinds of materials with the maximum guarantee of quality and hygiene. Creates strong, stable joints without color alteration.

Monoblock Lite

MONOBLOCK LITE comes with ultra-rigid suction cups with 6 leveling points that allow the joint to be completely flat. In 30 minutes the joint is ready.

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